Learning material for Sustainable Energy
Available for InnoEnergy partners
What is the InnoEnergy Repository?
The InnoEnergy Repository is your place to create and/or share learning material. You can find material created by other InnoEnergy partners as well as re-use and customize everything for your own needs. Share or keep it for yourself, we have a variety of IPR options described below. Some of the advantages of using the repository instead of other tools are:

  • Work together with colleagues and experts outside your own organization
  • Pedagogical templates for advanced learning materials
  • Manage IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)
  • Use any learning platform. Integration and single sign-on makes it easy to run the same course at several Universities och Companies at the same time.
  • Open for all teachers active in the InnoEnergy Master programmes. The learning material you create in this tool can easily be integrated into your Learning Platform.
  • If you have any questions or want to apply for an account, contact: support@learnify.com, +46 8 236 700.
  • The InnoEnergy Repository is hosted by InnoEnergy.

    Here are our partners:

What is the difference between a repository and a Learning Management System?
The InnoEnergy Repository is based on Learnify Technology
Learn to use the InnoEnergy Repository
We have 4 short courses for you
Reflections on Blended Learning
Norm Vaughn gives you his thoughts on Blended Learning.
Create Learning Material
A practical guide to plan your production
Create Learning Material for blended Learning
A practical guide to plan your blended project
How to work in the Repository
Hands-on training and suport
IPR, Intellectual Property Rights
You decide who sees your material:

  • Only you
  • Share with co-author
  • Share within your University
  • Share with InnoEnergy Repository users
Types of licenses to choose from:

  • Creative commons
  • Shared within InnoEnergy Master School. The material can only be viewed by other teachers at the partner Universities that has access to the repository and the students that have received links to the material from those teachers
  • You need a separate agreement with InnoEnergy regarding which commercial rules are applicable.